The Most Dangerous Leftovers Ever…

… are  Chez Panisse’s Gingersnaps topped with Smitten Kitchen’s Brown Sugar Cream Cheese Frosting.

I found this out by accident, y’see, due to a very sweet accident. I went to a party, bringing gingersnaps and pumpkin cupcakes with the aforementioned brown sugar cream cheese frosting. Those cupcakes? They flopped, y’all! Apparently most 20-something suburbanites are not pumpkin lovers. Who knew? Anyway, I had leftover frosting and gingersnaps, and in my day-after recovery period, a bright idea came to me: combine!

Friends, this is my warning to you: do not try this at home. It is irresistible. Your stomach will hurt, your teeth will go fuzzy, and still… gulp, chomp, bye!


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