Forgive me, FoodBlogWorld, for I have sinned…

It has been nearly a year since I last posted.

In that time, I blogged in other spaces (like Bklyn Foodie and my now-defunct DC food blog, Veggie Love), but gave no attention to my new blog, the one I love, the one I’d like to grow.

I spent 11 months ignoring your pleas to try brown butter cookie recipes (too much work) and meyer lemons (too hard to source), only to discover that I was wrong.

I made 3 (three!) different kinds of homemade vanilla and didn’t share them with the world.

I convinced my husband to eat brussels sprouts, avocado, eggplant, fresh fruit, and various whole grains, and didn’t share my tips with others who share my struggles (major factors: biggest loser competition at his work and a new years resolution to try new things).

I relied too much on the internet for inspiration and instruction without giving anything back.

I was lax in my commenting.

I baked two wedding cakes and several gluten-free wedding cookie plates– and got married myself– without helping anyone else through the process.

Worst of all, I have let my fear win– all year long, I have been too afraid to make up my own recipes for the baked goods I’m missing– the fudge-topped butter cookies of my youth, the plain brown-butter oat cookie I crave, the margarita cookie I can actually taste the tequila in.

I am sorry. No more. My 2011 new years resolution is to be more creative in my cooking and baking and to share more– literally and figuratively. I hope you’ll join me… and if someone out there would like to pick my penance… I’m listening.


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