Marzipan-Cherry Goodbye Cupcakes

We had a little bit of good news last week; my husband survived substantial layoffs at his company. It’s only a little good news, though, as nearly half of his beloved coworkers did not. He’s a sensitive guy, and the four consecutive weeks of firings really got to him– so we were happy when the new year came and, with it, the announcement that no more were forthcoming.


When DJ’s especial favorite supervisor left, he requested marzipan cupcakes as a going away gift. I thought, of course, of the trusty recipe I mentioned in my last post for almond cake. Of course, almond + sugar = marzipan, so it qualified– but it didn’t seem *special* enough when reduced to cupcake form… so after adapting the recipe for cupcakes (halved it, filled the cups just over half full, and baked at 350 for 18-20 min) , I decided to fill it with cherry jam and top with a candied cherry. This cake is surprisingly light and fluffy for something almond flavored, so the candy texture and flavor of the cherry products heightened the marzipan effect.  The husband assured me that they did *not* look too much like boobs (what?! I worry!), and off they went… and none came home. Even his greatly-reduced office (18 people) was able to polish 24 cupcakes off before 2. Not bad for a non-chocolate dessert.


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  1. I’m sorry to hear about the layoffs at your husband’s company 😦 Even if your position is ok, I can imagine that it’s difficult to watch many of your coworkers leave. It was so nice of you to make these cupcakes. I don’t think they look too much like boobs, and besides, when someone is gobbling down that deliciousness, I don’t think he’ll be thinking about the appearance 😉


  2. Posted by TanyainBrooklyn on January 21, 2011 at 7:13 PM

    Thanks, Jessie! So glad for the feedback, and yay for my very first comment.


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