Meal Plan: 1/23-1/29

Because I shop weekly, hate waste, and am only feeding two people (read: expensive veggies & dairy spoil if I don’t use them promptly, which makes me unable to justify buying the brands I like), meal planning is more a necessity than a goal for me. It also keeps me from losing my temper and calling for bad takeout when I get home from work with only half a brain left, and makes it easy for me to work in new recipes when I feel so motivated. I’ve gotten pretty good at it over the last year, mostly by following three simple rules:

  1. Plan more perishable stuff for earlier in the week
  2. Leave holes in the plan for meals out & leftovers
  3. Make sure some meals are interchangeable in case you’re just not in the mood/ are too busy for a particular meal’s prep on the correct night.

Of course, there are other guidelines I try to follow: make sure at least some things on the list are in season, base meals around what’s already in the pantry or freezer (so that it doesn’t look like a hoarder lives in our apartment), balance heavy and light components, and choose faster prep for gym nights so I don’t pass out. But the original three rules take care of almost everything.

Here’s what I’ve got for this week (note that two things, beef stew and quinoa salad, make enough that I can freeze them and take them for lunch next week. success!):


Breakfast Pancakes, cherries
Lunch Leftover cabbage-soba Soup
Dinner Ravioli with asparagus and prosciutto, cucumber salad
Snack Pie! (Brooklyn Pie Contest)


Breakfast Fruit Salad
Lunch Baked yams
Dinner Chicken bites, brown rice, pepper salad
Snack Oatmeal w/ Peanut Butter


Breakfast Fruit Salad
Lunch Lemon sorrel soup, carrots
Dinner Out– orthodontist
Snack Clementines


Breakfast Fruit Salad
Lunch Out
Dinner Tacos, guacamole
Snack Clementines


Breakfast Fruit Salad
Lunch Baked acorn squash
Dinner Artichoke, quinoa salad w/ green beans, tomatoes, and peppers
Snack Pear-Lemon Muffin


Breakfast Fruit Salad
Lunch Baked acorn squash
Dinner Out
Snack Pear-Lemon Muffin


Breakfast Fruit Salad
Lunch Baked Yams
Dinner Beef-vegetable stew, brussels sprouts
Snack Pear-Lemon Muffin


Breakfast Bagel
Lunch Out-Party
Dinner Leftovers
Snack N/A

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